Custom Chalk Lettering Commission for Anna

Finished Chalk Lettering Piece


This has to be one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, mainly because it was such a challenge to get it right. The lovely Anna commissioned me to make it for her boyfriend, so the both the lettering and the embellishments had to be somewhat masculine. And I'm just not used to that! It was a lot of fun, and I was so happy with how it turned out - I hope you enjoy reading.

I started out by drawing a pencil outline of the lettering, aiming for simple, clean shapes with a bit of movement, life and roughness.

Pencil Draft

Initially I drew in leaves as embellishments, but we decided against that direction in favour of more masculine decorations. Which was super tricky! Leaves are my thing! So I researched manly flourishes and attempted to recreate some of what I saw.

Inking the Chalk Lettering Piece

Chalk pens are notoriously difficult and inconsistent, which made the inking process frustrating at times. But that same inconsistency led to the piece looking quite like a chalkboard with real chalk on it, so... it was worth it in the end! I used a thick and thin chalk pen for all the lettering, and white paint with a thin (THIN) brush for the shadows and flourishes. I loved what a difference the shadows made to the piece!

Shadow Comparison - Chalk Lettering Piece

Finished Chalk Lettering Piece - Close Up

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