Custom Hand Lettering Piece for Chloe

Chloe asked me to make this piece for her friend's 21st. Psalm 46:10 is one of my favourite verses, and I love working with canvas, so it was really fun to make! I'll show you how the process worked below.


The first thing I did was to experiment with different layouts:

Thumbnail Sketches

When I was happy with how I generally wanted the piece to look, I made a pencil draft on the canvas:


I then refined the pencil draft, before realising that pencil is near impossible to remove from canvas! So I spent a little time frantically but gently trying to remove the pencil marks with a microfibre cloth and soap... whoops! It worked, though, and I then used my favourite brush to ink the piece! Here are a few images taken straight after that:

Chloe Hand Lettering 1

Chloe Hand Lettering 2

Chloe Hand Lettering 3

Chloe Hand Lettering 4

The final steps were getting rid of any pencil marks which remained, then using a protective spray to seal the ink into the canvas, and wrapping it for Chloe!

If you're thinking of hiring me to make you a hand lettering piece, you're welcome to have a look through the rest of my portfolio, or if you're ready to discuss details of your beautiful piece, feel free to contact me! I can't wait to make something beautiful with you.