Jaleesa's 21st Invitations

Finished, Assembled Invitation

What a privilege it is to be a part of a friend's celebration.

A couple of months ago, my beautiful friend Jaleesa turned 21. And I was so honoured when she came to me and asked if I could make her party invitations!

These were not just any invitations. We wanted gold, and lots of gold. And wanted them to be refined and elegant and minimal. And also wanted them to each have a peach gift tag tied to them with twine.

There were four main stages to the creation of these invitations:

1 Gift Tags

Jaleesa wanted to find the perfect shade of peach - not too girly, not too brown or orange. I spent a long while scouring the internet and finally found this colour!

The paper arrived. At this stage, I didn't own a gift tag punch. (Now I do - it's this one, and it's saved me hours!). So I traced out 60+ templates and cut them by hand, before hand lettering each invitee's name onto them in gold.

Gift Tags - Cut Out

Gift Tags - Lettered

2 Invitations

The next step was to design the actual invitations. Jaleesa wanted them to be feminine and elegant, while remaining quite minimal.

Invitation - Draft

When the design was complete, I printed them through Vistaprint. The first print run, I accidentally printed the back of the invitation upside down. I called Vistaprint and they printed the invitations again for me, this time properly, completely for free and with express shipping.

I tell you that not because I'm sponsored by them in any way, but because I was blown away by their customer service, and pleasantly surprised by their quality as well! I'd definitely recommend them if you need anything printed.

We'd decided against gold foiling the invitations because it was just ridiculously expensive. So instead, I added gold ink to the words 'Jaleesa's 21st', to add a little shimmer.

Invitation - Finished

Invitation - Spread

3 Envelopes

Envelope addressing is one of my favourite things in the world. In keeping with the theme, I addressed each envelope in gold ink - some to be given to the invitee in person, some to be posted.

I also loved the stamps we chose - champagne glasses! They were part of this year's Australia Post Celebrations series. If you ever want to make your invitations stand out that little bit more, see if you can find some stamps which match the occasion - such a special touch.

Envelopes - Back

Envelopes - Front 2

Envelopes - To Post

4 Assembly

With the gift tags, invitations and envelopes ready, the final stage was assembling them all! I was so happy with how they turned out. And I was even happier that they invited people to the most delightful party celebrating a truly special person.

Finished, Assembled Invitation

Finished Invitations

Packed & Ready

If you have an event coming up and are thinking of having your invitations made, feel free to contact me. I'd love to chat with you about them, and help in any way I can!