Case Study | Hand Lettered Logo - Jen Banks Jewellery

I recently had the pleasure of designing the type for a logo for a jewellery designer named Jen Banks. She designs & crafts bespoke, nature-inspired jewellery using recycled materials, conflict-free stones in an environmentally conscious way. She wanted a logo to represent her brand accurately and beautifully, with a classy, nature-inspired, not too girly or swirly feel.

After covering many pages with sketches, I came up with a few basic ideas.

Rough ideas

Rough ideas

I liked the idea of using a brush rather than a pen to create more free-flowing, nature-y lettering, but struggled with it looking too casual. So, I decided to use a pen. I played around with different layouts and compositions for 'Jen Banks', finally deciding on a thin script with variation in the sizes and heights of the letters in order to convey a friendly tone, while remaining classy-looking.

For the word 'jewellery' I decided on a simple sans serif, with subtly rounded edges in order to keep it looking feminine and natural. After I'd hand lettered the logo, I used Image Trace in Illustrator to vectorise the file. This method results in the closest representation of the lettering, keeping with the natural theme.

Rough ideas

The illustrations that appear in the final logo were then completed by the wonderfully talented artist Frankie Sharman.

Final logo with illustrations