Wattle Tree Weddings

Preview of logo on video

This logo was for Wattle Tree Weddings, an offshoot of Wattle Designs, a Brisbane-based media production company. Having mostly made corporate videos in the past, they wanted to expand to wedding videography, and needed a logo that would better suit that purpose. It would convey a more hand crafted, personal, organic vibe, while remaining professional, to represent the personalised, high quality service that they provide.

When the client approached me, they said you wanted a very simple, black and white, brush lettered logo, done with watercolours so that the lettering was of various opacities.

Image of Wattle Media logo

An early direction I experimented with was mimicking the upright, rounded letterforms of their beautiful 'Wattle Media' logo to tie this logo in. But in script, these letters looked childish - not awe-inspiring or professional. So I decided to go with italics, which looks much more 'grown-up' and refined.

Two images side by side - upright type idea, italicised type idea

In order for the logo to reflect the hand-crafted, personal, organic feel of the company, I varied the sizes and positions of the letters slightly. This gives the viewer the feeling that it's definitely not a font, but something much more personalised. I refined this idea until I landed on this design:

Final pencil draft

I traced over this design using a brush pen several times, making sure that there were opaque and transparent areas of text.

Multiple brush pen attempts

I then digitised these designs, and mashed them together to create one seamless final piece. I left the edges quite natural, with a brushed texture, to ensure an organic feel was retained. I also added some noise to it, to mimic the Wattle Media logo's texture.

Screenshot in Photoshop / Illustrator

Finally, I coloured it a similar green colour as the Wattle Tree Media logo, to provide an alternative that will tie in well with the overall brand:

Final logo in colour

A final adjustment was to slightly enlarge the two 'W's, and also separate them from the other letters in their respective words, so as to ensure the logo was easily readable in reduction:

Final logo after adjustment, black and white

Here's what that final revised version could look like in a wedding film:

Preview of logo on video

If you'd like to see more of my hand lettered logos and commissions, you're welcome to look through my recent work.